Technology news: Galaxy S4 inches closer to release

Technology news Samsung Galaxy S4

Technology news Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4 continues to attract attention on the heels of its predecessor

The Samsung Galaxy S III has become one of the most popular smartphones in the world. The device has made technology news headlines and has won acclaim for its use of NFC technology and its comprehensive features that have made it more widely accepted than the iPhone 5. More than 50 million units of the Galaxy S III have sold worldwide as of March 2013, but Samsung is not ready to rest on its laurels in the wake of the success of their most popular smartphone. Only 9 months after the release of the Galaxy S III, Samsung announced the Galaxy S4, which consumers may get their hands on sooner rather than later.

Galaxy S4 technology news boasts of new features, including QR code scanner

The Galaxy S4 is the next iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones. The Galaxy S4 will boast of a larger, high-definition screen, a stronger processor and 1 gigabyte of internal RAM. All around, the Galaxy S4 is designed to be an improvement upon its predecessor. The new smartphone will also be equipped with its own QR code scanner, which will benefit from the device’s powerful 13 mega pixel camera.

QR codes becoming a strong medium for augmented reality

QR codes are becoming much more than marketing tools, which is why Samsung has decided to include a QR code reader in the new Galaxy S4. These codes have, in the past, been effective means of information distribution, but have become very prominent mediums through which to initiate augmented reality experiences. QR codes are beginning to be used to make these augmented reality experiences available to a wide range of people, as the codes represent a simple way to anchor this interactive digital content to the real world. The Galaxy S4 will, of course, be able to scan QR codes that are not associated with augmented reality experiences.

Samsung believes S4 is an adequate improvement over the S III

The Samsung Galaxy S4 technology news suggests the device is expected to be released near the end of April, less than a full year away from the launch of the Galaxy S III. Samsung has been criticized for the rapid deployment of its next Galaxy smartphone, with some consumers suggesting that the company has not taken the time to incorporate any significantly advanced features in the new device. Samsung, however, believes that the Galaxy S4 is, indeed, a significant improvement over its predecessor.

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