Technology news explodes with new Google driverless car

technology news Google driverless self driving car
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This new smart vehicle has been built without any gas pedals, brakes, or even a steering wheel!

Google has now unveiled the prototype for its new self driving car which is making top technology news headlines, considering that it doesn’t have either accelerator or brake pedals, and it doesn’t have a steering wheel, either.

The company has revealed that it intends to create almost 100 of this vehicle for testing.

The reason that the technology news making self driving vehicle has been constructed without these standard basics is that it doesn’t need a driver. It does the work on its own. That said, for those who are keen to try the vehicle out for themselves, they should note that these tiny two seaters aren’t available to the public quite yet. That said, Google believes that by the same time in 2015, those 100 prototypes will be out and driving on public roads. Of course, they may be out there, but they won’t be going very fast, at a maximum speed of about 25 miles per hour.

This Google technology news comes at a time in which the company has decided to create its own driverless vehicles.


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After having contributed sensors and computers to self driving car models for other companies, Google has decided that it is time to create something of its own. The models of the vehicles from the other manufacturers have already driven hundreds of thousands of miles on California roads.

While the prototypes are being driven and tested, they will have employees of Google called “safety drivers” present within the vehicle in order to be able to take control in case of emergency. That said, the purpose is to create a final product that would entirely eliminate the need for a driver when it comes to using a car to go from point A to point B. Buttons for “stop” and “go” are built into the vehicle and will continue to be present in future models.

The vehicle behind all of this technology news is electric powered, highly compact, and is shaped somewhat like a bubble. It is an appealing design for people who must regularly face busy downtown commutes and parking, or who need to regularly cross business parks and campuses.

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