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When it comes to technology, we live in a world that is constantly changing.

Advancements in tech are commonplace among existing companies that have been around a while, but we wanted to take a look at some corporations that are using high-tech in innovative ways even if you don’t know about them yet.

Tech Company Leaders

You may recognize some of the names on the list below, but read them all to find out specific ways they are leading the charge into the future when it comes to technology.Tech Companies

  • Ford – Yes, this is a car company, but the amount of money they’re spending on adding technology to their new vehicle lineup is astounding. Whether it’s the new MyKey feature on select models or the other high-tech gadgets they’ve been adding to their cars and trucks, Ford is a tech company you might not know a lot about.

  • Nike – This company has been making shoes for a long time, but you may not realize how far they’ve come recently when it comes to so called wearable technology. Yes, you can now get a pair of “smart shoes” that can do a lot to help you stay healthy and more.

  • Johnson Controls – This is not a well known company, but when it comes to high-tech for new cars and trucks, they are definitely a leader right now. From hybrid batteries to other fuel-efficiency technologies, they’re a company you should know about if you care about the environment.

  • Amazon – Do you think Amazon is simply an online retailer? You couldn’t be more wrong. If you actually look at what this company does, you’re going to find that they’re leaders when it comes to technology and using it to make life easier for their customers. This helps increase their profits, of course, but this isn’t a bad thing if the consumers benefit.

  • Pure Technologies – This is a tech company that works to keep infrastructure safe. They have a lot of high-tech devices to help make sure bridges and other things are structurally sound. While they may sound boring, they’re actually doing a lot to improve safety all over the country.

  • Sourcefire – This little known tech company offers security systems services. They’re actually one of the fastest growing tech companies around right now. If you’re betting on the future of a tech company, you need to check these guys out.Latest Tech Companies

Looking at the list above, it’s easy to see that there are a lot of tech companies out there and that you might not even know about some of them. Still, this makes it a very exciting time to be alive on the planet because of all the innovations happening behind the scenes. Know of a tech company we missed? Let us know by writing a comment below.

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