Mobile Tap to Pay trend picks up speed among US retailers

Tap to Pay - Mobile Phone & POS Terminal

Shoppers have started to see the appeal of using their smartphones to pay for purchases in-store.

Compared to many other countries worldwide, the US has been slow to adopt mobile payments, but Tap to Pay technology has started catching on among American shoppers.

Adyen, one of the largest US payment services providers is now supporting this tech for retailers.

Adyen has now officially launched support for Tap to Pay in its merchant networks and retailers. This has opened the door to allowing people using iPhone XS or newer, as well as other NFC technology-enabled smartphone users to be able to turn their devices into digital wallets. Chipped contactless cards will also function on this technology and as it becomes increasingly familiar to consumers, its use is only expected to continue expanding.

Tap to Pay - Contactless mobile payments

Consumers have already been using their smartphones as a regular part of their overall shopping experience. From researching products to searching for better prices and from looking for reviews to flat-out showrooming, consumers are used to having all the information they need about a purchase at their fingertips – including additional coupon code and deal opportunities. With the devices already in their hands, using contactless technology to complete payment transactions is a natural next step.

Tap to Pay makes mobile payments particularly fast and easy to complete at a checkout counter.

Using this contactless technology provides a smooth and seamless experience that many consumers find to be more convenient than the use of their plastic cards or many mobile wallet apps that involve other steps such as scanning QR codes.

Some believe that with the broadening roll-out and use of this technology, it will open the door to the willingness and ability of retailers to offer a spectrum of other forms of innovation, transforming the way their employees work and the way consumers shop.

“Together, we have already put iPhones in the hands of thousands of store associates. Now, these devices can become payment terminals with no additional hardware,” said NewStore CEO and founder Stephan Schambach. NewStore is among the networks enabled by Adyen.

That said, Adyen is hardly the only payment company to adopt Tap to Pay technology. Other big names include Chase, Stripe, Square, Clover, GoDaddy, Worldpay, North American Bancard and more. Other companies are only expected to continue to be added to this list.

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