2015 may be the year mobile payments go mainstream

Mobile Payments

Consumers in the United Kingdom are prepared to abandon their banks in favor of companies that support mobile commerce Consumers in the United Kingdom are showing that they are more willing to participate in mobile payments and Zapp, prominent mobile payment processor, believes 2015 will be the year that mobile commerce becomes mainstream. Zapp has released the results of a recent survey that shows that nearly 21 million consumers in the United Kingdom are ready to abandon their banks in favor of those that support mobile commerce. Zapp could see…

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UK consumers will switch banks for mobile commerce support

mobile commerce london england UK

Survey shows that British consumers are willing to switch to a new bank to make mobile payments Mobile payments firm Zapp has released the results of one of its latest surveys, questioning how many British consumers would switch banks in order to take advantage of mobile commerce services. A growing number of people in the United Kingdom are beginning to show favor for mobile commerce, using their smartphones and tablets to pay for goods and services throughout the country. Some banks have not yet shown significant support for the mobile…

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Zapp set to launch a new mobile commerce platform

UK mobile commerce - Woman with shopping bags on mobile

Zapp is bringing a new mobile payment service to the United Kingdom Zapp, a leading mobile commerce firm in the United Kingdom, has been working on a new mobile platform that will help retailers connect with mobile consumers. Mobile shopping has become a popular trend in the UK and more interest in mobile payments has been generated among consumers due to Apple and other big-name companies entering into the digital commerce space. There are few high-profile mobile payment services that are coming to the UK. Company teams with some of…

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Mobile commerce platform embraced by UK banks

Mobile payments platform

Five banks to pick up Zapp mobile commerce platform later this year Five of the United Kingdom’s largest banks are set to embrace mobile payments. First Direct, Nationwide, Santander, Metro Bank, and HSBC are moving to provide their combined 18 million customers with the ability to make mobile payments leveraging QR codes and NFC technology later this year. This will be made possible through the use of Zapp, a mobile commerce platform from VocaLink. The five banks have adopted the platform as a way to make it easier for mobile…

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U.K. Mobile Payments to reach 20 million users by 2020

U.K. Mobile Payments

The Centre for Economic and Business Research also sees large increases in purchasing over smaller screens. According to a recent report providing information on a study conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), the use of U.K. mobile payments is going to explode over the next seven years, while at the same time, people in the country will be using their smartphones and tablets to buy a growing number of products and services. The prediction is that this year’s $7.85 billion in purchases will have risen to…

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