Mobile commerce is growing throughout Europe

Mobile Commerce Trends

New report highlights the trends emerging throughout Europe Market research firm yStats has released a new report concerning the mobile commerce sector in Europe. The report, called “Europe M-Commerce Snapshot 2014,” suggests that more consumers are becoming interested in the idea of shopping online and purchasing products from their mobile devices. Mobile shopping is praised among consumers for its convenient nature as it can take place anywhere and at any time. Mobile shopping is particularly popular among commuters that have limited time to visit physical stores. Mobile shopping activity is…

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Report highlights trends affecting mobile commerce

mobile commerce trends

Mobile devices are becoming more abundant, opening the way for a new kind of commerce Market research organization yStats has released a new report concerning the major trends affecting mobile commerce. The report notes that mobile shopping has become quite popular throughout the world, and this may be largely due to the growing penetration of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more plentiful and readily available to a wide range of consumers. As more people adopt mobile technology, they are looking for things they can do exclusively from their…

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