YouTube dislike button barely has any impact on recommendations

YouTube dislike button

The “not interested” feature also does not have much of an impact on the recommended videos. A recent Mozilla study has shown that feedback tools such as the YouTube dislike button and “not interested” feature do not have much – if any – impact on the video recommendations a user receives on their homepage. Mozilla recently published their findings that the feedback tools barely work at all. Though the feedback tools might provide creators with some added information about what their audiences like, in terms of the recommendation algorithm, the…

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YouTube TV app likely to obtain Short and split screen features

YouTube TV app

This will make it possible to view the platform’s shorter videos and watch multiple simultaneous live feeds. The YouTube TV app for Android TV and Google TV will soon have new features including the ability for users to play Shorts, the shorter-form videos on the platform in addition to a split screen function that allows users to watch as many as four live feeds at a time. The new features have yet to be officially confirmed by the video platform behind the application. According to media reports, company employees have…

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YouTube Go to shut down in August, bringing offline videos to an end

YouTube Go - News - YouTube Logo

Google announced that the app will be brought to an end, recommending that users install the main app. Google recently announced that YouTube Go will be shutting down starting in August 2022, after which point videos will not be available for viewing offline. The company recommended that users download the standard app to stream the videos instead. The YouTube Go lightweight application first launched in 2016. Among its most popular features is the offline viewing as well as nearby sharing. The application was developed with emerging markets in mind. Like…

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TikTok video length limit extended to 10 minutes, disappointing many users

Video length - TikTok users making video

The popular social media app has gained more than a billion users across the last five years. TikTok has announced that the next update to its popular app will boost its maximum video length to 10 minutes, in a move that has been highly criticized by its users. Users of the social media application will be able to upload videos considerably longer than before. The maximum video length for TikTok users will now be 10 minutes. This, for a platform that became famous for the popularity of 15-second videos. Initially,…

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The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide for 2022

Today’s business landscape is far more sophisticated than it was just a few years ago. If you don’t stay updated with the trend, you will miss the opportunity to win. Video is a crucial marketing tool that many businesses are still underutilizing. Any marketing plan that does not include video marketing is bound to fail these days. Introduction to video marketing and how does it work? In its simplest form, video marketing is the use of video to connect with new and current audiences. You may utilize video in marketing…

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