Toronto charity sets giant QR code world record

Youth Unlimited has made its way into the Guinness records. After months of planning and preparations, the Youth Unlimited North York charity from Toronto, Canada, has set a new record with Guinness, for the largest giant QR code in the world. In doing so, the nonprofit also raised a significant amount of money for its cause. The effort included the use of 1,369 four foot squares in black and quite. Each was sponsored or purchased in support of the charity and were displayed in a careful pattern in the Esther…

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Canadian charity aims to create the largest giant QR codes

Giant QR Code

Toronto nonprofit, Youth Unlimited hopes to set a Guinness World Record A not for profit in Toronto, Canada, called Youth Unlimited (YU), is hoping to set the world’s largest man made giant QR codes Guinness World Record on Saturday, June 16, 2012. The grassroots faith based charity will create its mobile barcode at the Esther Shiner Stadium. This organization has been in existence for more than 65 years and is geared toward serving the homeless, poor, unemployed, gang-involved, and victims of violence within their community. The proceeds that are generated…

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Youth Unlimited gathers community support to build the world’s largest QR code

QR code video

Youth Unlimited North York, a non-profit organization based in Ontario, Canada, is embarking on a journey to build the world’s largest QR code. The current record holder is Air Fest, a day camp company also based in Canada. Air Fest’s QR code comes in at a massive 15,625 square feet, a standard that Youth Unlimited believes it can beat with the help of volunteers. The organization is reaching out to the youth community in Toronto, petitioning their aid in the construction of the gargantuan QR code. As of now, the…

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