Social media marketing myths present sales barrier to indie authors

7 Branding Trends to Lookout for in 2021

Inaccurate beliefs are holding back the ability of certain writers to be able to improve their book sales. It has been broadly accepted among indie authors that social media marketing is among the most affordable and effective channels that they can use to be able to reach their readers and promote their latest (and previous) books, but the problem is that there is false information circulating that is reducing the results that many among this community are seeing. Advertising over social media can reach consumers over desktop and mobile platforms,…

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QR codes help debut authors achieve rapid readership growth

Perspective book series branded QR Codes

The writers behind the Perspective book series successfully used quick response codes on bookmarks to boost fans. Perspective book series novel #1, “Love at First Plight” has been flying off the bookstore shelves since the end of February, and its co-authors, Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell have now started using QR codes among the many other digital tools they have employed to ensure that a growing number of readers will know about their young adult fantasy book. The writing team has also been building a loyal and interested following…

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Social media marketing trends have created a culture of e-authors

Social Media Marketing Trends for e authors

As a growing number of consumers read e-books, authors have had to change the way they reach their readers. The e-reader and the tablet have taken the world by storm, particularly among teens and the millennial generation, and these mobile trends are driving authors – particularly those of novels and e-books geared toward those age groups – to have to alter their strategies in engaging their readers by way of careful social media marketing. Upon publishing the first novel in the young adult fiction Perspective book series, “Love at First…

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