Report highlights awareness of NFC-based mobile commerce in the UK

NFC technology mobile commerce

NFC seems unpopular with UK consumers YouGov, an online market research firm, has released a report focused on NFC technology. NFC has been gaining a significant degree of attention in recent months due to reports concerning its security and the fact that it is losing ground in the field of mobile commerce. NFC has long formed the backbone of mobile payments, used by retailers and other businesses to facilitate payments in a relatively efficient manner. NFC may not be as popular as many believe, however, despite the apparent popularity of…

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NFC technology growing in awareness amongst UK consumers

Mobile Commerce - NFC

Study shows consumers beginning to show interest in NFC technology and mobile commerce NFC technology is beginning to attract more attention around the world, but many consumers are still unaware that the technology exists. These consumers are often unaware that the technology is used often in marketing and mobile commerce. Awareness is on the rise, however, especially in the United Kingdom, where YouGov, an Internet-based market research firm, has produced the results of a study concerning the issue. The study shows that UK consumers are beginning to understand and recognize…

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Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology Baffles Consumers

Near Field Communications News

According to a new YouGov survey, consumers are still in the dark about the new NFC mobile technology that features “wave and play” usability. This research study showed that among consumers, 91 percent had not even heard of near field communications (NFC), let alone knew what it did. This technology is designed to allow customers to make purchases at a point-of-sale, such as a cashier’s counter, by way of a mobile device such as a cellular phone. That said, the study also showed, that 70 percent of consumers have also…

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