Mobile commerce is powering growth for PayPal

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PayPal is finding a great deal of success through its focus on the mobile commerce space PayPal is beginning to see significant promise in the mobile commerce space. The company has long held a strong mobile presence, but a stronger focus on mobile commerce specifically may ensure future growth. PayPal has announced that it saw a 21% increase in revenue during the fourth quarter of 2015, with revenue reaching $2.6 billion. This growth was partly due to the acquisition of remittance firm Xoom. Strong support for mobile commerce also secured…

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PayPal expands further into the mobile commerce space

Mobile commerce growth global world

PayPal successfully acquires money transfer service Xoom PayPal has announced that it has successfully acquired Xoom Corp., a digital money transfer service provider. This may represent yet another step toward PayPal’s plans to become a more prominent entity in the mobile commerce space. Xoom is currently considered one of the world’s leading remittance companies. The company allows consumers to use their mobile devices to send funds, and pay bills, using their mobile devices, making the process more convenient. Xoom may help PayPal reach new consumers that are interested in mobile…

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Next wave of tablets make way for the code generation

The next generation of tablets may fan the flames of the QR revolution. The new iPad 2, Xoom and Tab will feature forward facing cameras, something that their predecessors lacked. The tablets come with an array of other exciting features, but it is the camera that will enable them to interact with content using QR codes. The new tablets will offer a much more robust user experience as well, particularly increasing the value of print media. It has been said that tablets, as well as other mobile devices, are contributing…

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