QR codes woven into blanket in Native American style

Guillermo Bert qr code tapestries

The artist of the piece is Guillermo Bert and is bringing tradition and technology together in his work. Los Angeles artist, Guillermo Bert, is bringing the tradition of Native American blankets and the high tech style of QR codes together to create a textile piece that can be scanned by smartphones. The artist noticed that the geometric patterns in the blankets and tapestries look somewhat similar to the barcodes. This allowed Bert to bring together QR codes and this artwork’s traditional to help to better tell the stories behind them.…

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QR codes embroidering machine created in the Netherlands

QR codes clothing labels

An embroidery device has made it possible to produce the QR codes in the form of cloth. As QR codes become increasingly popular, companies around the world are coming up with new and unique ways to work them into locations in which they will be scanned by the smartphone carrying public. This now includes an invention that can produce these barcodes to be included in many possible places. LogoBorduurstudio, a company based in Barneveld, The Netherlands, has made it possible to use an embroidery machine that is controlled by a…

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