Inspired Design Templates to Consider for Your New Blog

brochure design template

If you want to start a blog but want a design that’s inspiring, it can be hard to find templates that are unique. Most bloggers opt for standard blog templates which offer a basic design. It’s only natural that most templates are made for what the market wants. Fortunately, we put it on ourselves to find amazing design templates that will help your blog step outside the box. Here is a list of templates you’ll want to look at: 1. Bounty Bounty is a great template to start a blog. We…

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5 Benefits of having a custom website for your small business

building a custom website

Running a business in our currently competitive environment requires commitment and grit. You should also embrace technology and create a beautiful, responsive website for your business. Today, designing a custom website is easy, thanks to the emergence of web building and hosting services such as WordPress. When it comes to choosing between squarespace vs wordpress, most individuals are often caught in a dilemma. Here are 5 benefits of having a custom website for your small business: Gives you online presence Creating a custom site for your upcoming business allows you…

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How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

mobile site

Mobile web browsing is overtaking traditional screens at a break- neck pace. As more and more people purchase smart phones and tablets, the number of mobile web users will continue to grow, affecting the way people search for products and services. While mobile web use is undeniably a growing trend, the majority of people still use traditional screens at least part of the time. This increasing usage of multiple devices (sometimes running simultaneously) means that your business must work to reach a wide audience on many different screens. When developing…

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Mobile-Optimized Websites are the Next Step for Businesses

Mobile Campaign

Punch in a Web site on your smartphone, and you’ll see one of two things: a simple interface with readable type or a bite-sized image of a Web site. It’s the difference between easy navigation and an arduous zoom-scroll-click process. Mobile-optimized Web sites are much preferred to traditional sites when browsing on smartphones. Google notes that 61 percent of users who have trouble on a brand site that is not optimized for mobile are unlikely to return. If your business hasn’t optimized its site for mobile, you’re missing out on…

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How to improve your mobile marketing strategy

Mobile Marketing for Small Business Owners

Taking advantage of what mobile marketing has to offer is an important opportunity presented to businesses of all size from this technology. However, like any marketing strategy, mobile must be done properly in order to be effective. Mobile is a highly effective channel for communicating with and engaging customers and it gives businesses the chance to broaden their audience and, therefore, their customer base. Moreover, it can provide a tremendous contribution to the expansion and accessibility of the awareness of a brand. In that pursuit, the following tips can help…

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