Will the Amazon wireless experiment receive government approval?

amazon augmented reality

The online marketplace company is seeking the FCC’s approval to test technology in Seattle and rural Washington. An Amazon wireless experiment is in the works to test out mobile devices and fixed-base stations in Seattle and rural areas of Washington state. Amazon revealed this much of its mysterious plans in recent government filings to the Federal Communications Commission. The filings do not specifically describe what will be involved in Amazon’s technology tests. However, what is known about this Amazon wireless experiment is that it looks like it is testing a…

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Mobile device users aren’t thrilled with the service they receive

teen texting mobile device users

A recent study has shown that the majority of smartphone owners don’t think their service is very good. Accenture has recently shared the results of a study that revealed that most mobile device users are unhappy with the service they’re receiving and are prepared to change their network providers. The report showed that these unhappy customers are prepared to look elsewhere for greener pastures. The mobile device users study results were published within the 2016 Accenture Screenager Report. What it showed was that over half of the people who were…

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Will Google expand mobile technology offerings to wireless service?

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Recent reports have suggested that the internet giant is seeking to work with two leading U.S. carriers. Recent reports from the Wall Street Journal have shown that Google’s reach into mobile technology could soon be expanding to an all new level, as it may one day start selling wireless service directly to consumers. This is only one of a broad range of different expansions being made by the company, from tech development to insurance sales. This latest mobile technology move reportedly involves talks between Google and two of the largest…

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