What are the Best Smart Technologies for Around Your Home?

Best Smart Technologies

After years of dreaming about home automation, it’s finally arrived! There is now a wide variety of gadgets available so that you can control everything and save the planet at the same time. Whether you want to alter the room temperature or even turn the lights off in your house from 5 miles away, there is a gadget for it. With the push of a button or even a voice command, smart devices can do anything you’ve ever wished for. Smart technology allows the user to connect to various devices…

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QR codes can be scanned by Windows PCs with CodeTwo

QR Code Desktop Reader

The barcodes are usually meant for smartphones, but this can allow desktops to view their content. QR codes have become exceptionally popular and they are popping up virtually everywhere you look, but they are designed primarily for use by smartphone and tablet users, which excludes a large percentage of people whose preference is to use laptop and desktop computers. The barcodes let over half the population access sites and pages through scans. This is because more than half of all Americans have smartphones that are capable of scanning QR codes…

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