Smartwatch brings a handset and wearables together

smartwatch new wearable technology

This new .klatz device will allow phone calls and texts to be made, more comfortably. While the smartwatch has been slow to be adopted by consumers, many believe that this will pick up as awareness grows through the release of the Apple Watch next year. That said, there is one primary limitation that nearly all of the big players continue to experience. So far, the smartwatch has essentially been seen as an awkward accessory device that works in connection with a smartphone. This means that, when used on their own,…

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Smartwatch from adds interesting competition for Apple smartwatch

The wearable technology device from the performer has now been launched with considerable hype. The smartwatch that has been expected from for several months has now been launched and has been gaining considerable media interest, but has also been leading the share prices of associated companies – such as a small British business that has supplied the device music system – to soar. These wearables were designed by The Black Eyed Peas front man and rapper and launched in San Francisco. The smartwatch currently finds itself in competition with…

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Smartwatch by to be launched in July smartwatch

The musician claims that this wearable technology will allow calls to be made without a smartphone. has now announced that he will be releasing his own smartwatch in July, that will give its wearers the ability to make calls, access Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and perform a range of other functions without requiring the use of a smartphone. The musician and reality show judge is already in the mobile market in the form of flashy iPhone accessories. This judge from The Voice singing competition reality show and frontman from…

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