QR codes help tourists to learn as they visit Gibraltar

St. Michael's Cave now using QR codes to help educate tourists

Links to Wikipedia to help keep visitors informed about what they see. Gibraltar’s tourism has recognized the fact that many of its visitors are now armed with smartphones and tablets, and that QR codes can help to provide them with a great deal of information about what they’re seeing when they visit. St. Michael’s Cave, one of the top attractions in the city, now boasts a mobile barcode to scan. Monmouth, a U.K. town, has paved the way for Gibraltar’s tourism strategy, which allows visitors to scan QR codes in…

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SOPA and PIPA battle drives onward following blackout protest on Wikipedia website

Wikipedia SOPA 2012 Blackout

The Wikipedia website blackout that occurred on Wednesday to protest SOPA/PIPA drew a tremendous amount of traffic to the website, and informed millions of people about the proposed legislation regarding copyrights and internet content. Throughout the 24 hour self-imposed blackout of the English content on Wikipedia, there were over 162 views of the homepage alone. In excess of 8 million people used that page to look up the contact information of their elected representatives from that page, using a tool that was provided. This brought about a swamping of the…

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Wikipedia launches new QR code project to document daily life in Monmouth, UK

Monmouth Wikipedia

Wikipedia has chosen the Welsh town of Monmouth in the UK for a new project that will make use of QR codes. The project will be named Monmothpedia and aims to document the life of the entire town. Several prominent locations, people and historic artifacts will be linked to a mobile Wikipedia page that can be accessed by scanning QR codes with a smart phone. Residents of the city will also take part in the project, as Wikipedia is tapping the populace for articles about life in the city. Each…

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Wikipedia launched QRpedia to help people find information suited for their language


Wikipedia has launched a new initiative that is aimed at making web content more accessible to people of differing languages. The non-profit information organization has launched a new website called QRpedia. The website has existed since April of this year, but its release was made official only yesterday. The website will use multilingual QR codes to help people find the content they are looking for in a language they can understand. QRpedia features a simple QR code generator that will produce a code when users supply a Wikipedia article. The…

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