Li-Fi to bring light speed internet 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

Li Fi wireless mobile internet connection

New technology demoed by Oledcomm has shown that online connectivity is about to get much faster. Li-Fi, which stands for “light fidelity” is a new type of wireless internet connection technology that has now been demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress, showing that speeds can be far faster than they currently are over Wi-Fi. The idea is that something as simple as a lamp will be able to boost smartphone web connection speeds 100 times over. Li-Fi will make it possible to move beyond the limitations of Wi-Fi, which relies…

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Microsoft changes its tune about its ability to track Wi-Fi devices

Microsoft mobile augmented reality

Following an outcry of serious concerns about the privacy of users of laptops , cell phones and other mobile devices that connect with Wi-Fi, Microsoft has halted its publication of the estimated location of those devices on its geolocation service. Microsoft made the choice to alter the service after it received significant criticism of the way its database was being constructed by both “managed driving” Wi-Fi signal recording vehicles that can be accessed by public roads, and Windows Phone 7 devices. This can function through the MAC address of…

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Retailers use mobile devices to bring customers to stores and keep them there

Mobile Commerce Shopping

Retailers that operate out of physical shops are increasingly using mobile marketing techniques as a direct result of the fact that the people they see shopping in their locations often have smartphones or other mobile devices in their hands. As this makes much of their target market able to access the mobile web and retail apps, this opens up a tremendous opportunity to retailers who are keen to increase the frequency of trips that the customers make, as well as the amount that they purchase. Since customers that have smartphones…

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