How to Protect Your Business from Cybercrime

cybercrime security - cyber attack mobile

Cybercrime presents a serious financial threat for companies of any size. When sensitive information is stolen, or the company’s computers are hacked, the cost can be staggering – high enough to sink even the most financially stable businesses. And this goes doubly for small businesses, as 43% of cybercrimes target them, and a majority (almost 60%), go out of business within the first couple of months of being hacked. And it’s not just the damage to the company itself that you need to worry about; the cost of cybercrime is…

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Will the big black and white guy survive in the U.S.

what is a qr code

Not everyone seems to be on the bandwagon for these cute little, black and white, square boxes, known as QR Codes. Are they just misunderstood by the less-than-technically-savvy consumer? After all, they are a progressive advance to advertising and the way we communicate. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all seemed like an outrageous fad when they first came on the scene. Then advertisers started thinking about the millions of viewers worldwide. That’s when the light came on. Facebook was said to have 2010, fourth quarter profits around 250 million. The majority…

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