Wearable technology, SexFit, is rather different from your smartwatch

SexFit by Bondara wearable technology

These wearables are headed considerably lower, allowing a man to track statistics related to his penis. A British adult retailer called Bondara has now taken wearable technology to an entirely different region of the male anatomy, giving men the ability to track various statistics through a companion app, while claiming to enhance experience and performance at the same time. At the moment, these wearables are only in their pre-prototype form, and it has yet to be seen whether they will hit the market. The wearable technology device is designed in…

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Smart tech department opens up at Dixons

Dixons smart tech mobile technology

The large electronics chain is now piloting a new category in its store meant for connectivity products. Dixons, the massive electronics and mobile devices superstore is now piloting a new department that is meant to draw more attention to smart tech and other various types of products that are linked to smartphones and tablets. The mobile devices in the department range from wearables to camera drones and everything in between. The new smart tech department is focused on various types of mobile devices that work in conjunction with smartphones and…

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