QR codes in Wales help visitors with place name pronunciation

tourism qr codes

These quick response codes also allow smartphone users to figure out how to say phrases and words in Welsh. Visitors to Wales have always loved to see the stunning sites and locations throughout the region, but have traditionally struggled with pronunciations – that is, until they had new QR codes to scan and guide them in the right direction. This very simple to use mobile device technology makes visitors a scan away from knowing how to say site names. A new tourism program has been implemented in Wales that uses…

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QR codes on gravestone help son memorialize his war hero father

QR Codes Grave Stones

An increasing number of cemeteries are starting to allow quick response codes on grave markers. In an industry where the trends are known not to change very quickly or frequently, mobile technology has brought a new option in the form of QR codes, to allow mourners to be able to memorialize their loved ones with far more space than is available on the gravestone, itself. These quick response codes can be scanned by smartphones with a free reader app, to learn more about the deceased. Among the most recent examples…

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QR codes applied to Welsh historical plaques for updated information

qr codes wales history

Volunteers in North Wales are using smartphone friendly technology for providing historic tours. Areas in North Wales are now placing QR codes on various different historic sites across the country in order to help to provide virtual tour guides for visitors to the country as well as locals who would like to learn more about their own history. This not only helps to provide more information, but it also keeps the data up to date. The people involved in this project have realized that there is a great deal of…

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QR codes in Wales make mobile marketing history

QR Codes

The Welsh city of Monmouth is the first city in the world to use barcodes to become a Wikipedia town. The town of Monmouth in Wales is already known for its rich history, dating back to 1067, but now it is using some of the latest technology, in the form of QR codes, to become the first Wikipedia town anywhere on the globe. Residents and tourists now have access to stickers and ceramic plaques that can be scanned with smartphones. When the barcodes are scanned, they redirect the mobile device…

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