QR codes used to help visitors to explore the architecture of Tampa

QR codes used for self guided tours

Tourists and locals can explore the city with more information available to them. On October 5, AIA Tampa Bay is hosting a walking tour led by architects, that highlights the unique architecture in the city, through the use of QR codes to provide information. The tour will run from noon to 1pm and will point out five to six of the top buildings in the city. The tour will begin at Lykes Gaslight Square Park, which is located in the downtown area of the city. It will focus on the…

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Shelter pets benefit from QR codes through the Purina ONE initiative

Purina QR Code Campaign

Purina ONE has announced the start of two new initiatives to help benefit pets living in shelters, including one involving the use of QR code stickers which can be found on the front of packages of its dry cat food. Every time one of the barcodes is scanned, Purina ONE will give a donation of $1- up to a maximum of $30,000 – to feed pets living in shelters. Furthermore, the “Bowl-by-Bowl” program is starting at the Facebook page for Purina ONE, allowing its visitors to take simple quizzes that…

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Stoughton Police Department adopts QR codes to stay connected with the public

Downtown stoughton wisconsin

Police officers in Stoughton, Wisconsin, are taking a new approach to staying connected with the public. The Stoughton Police Department (SPD) has begun plastering QR codes on their patrol vehicles. The codes were tentatively used by the police department earlier in the year and seem to have been successful. In the coming months, all SPD vehicles will be adorned with the code in an effort to engage a society that is growing increasingly entangled with smart phones. QR codes are well known, by now, for their ability to connect with…

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Rooftop QR codes may soon be the craze thanks to unassuming Google Maps

Downtown Los Angeles Google Earth

Rooftop QR codes seem to be counterintuitive as no one will ever see them. Such codes would have to be massive in order to be scanned from the air, making rooftop codes unappealing to companies with limited roof space. An advertising firm based in Austin, Texas, however, thinks that rooftop codes are quite clever and has begun offering to plaster the codes on the roofs of their clients. The firm notes that these codes could, in fact, be very useful thanks to a piece of novelty technology from Google. Google…

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Living headstones created with QR codes

QR codes are not just for marketing or social promotion. There is a more somber aspect to the codes that is rarely seen. The codes originated in Japan as a way to keep track of inventory, but before they became the mobile marketing tool they are today, the codes were used in cemeteries to provide information regarding the recently deceased. This same concept is being incorporated in Seattle, Washington, by Quiring Monuments Inc. Quiring Monuments is a leading designer of headstones for memorials and monuments throughout the U.S. Owner Dave…

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