Vuforia continues to gain the favor of app developers

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Qualcomm draws more attention to Vuforia platform Acclaimed technology developer Qualcomm has been showing off its latest software at its IQ event in Berlin, Germany. The company has been keen to draw attention to Vuforia, its take on augmented reality software for a mobile device. Qualcomm bills Vuforia as a sort of “digital eye” for a smart phone and claims that it can bring objects to life through the use of augmented reality. Though Vuforia is often considered a mobile application, Qualcomm notes that it is much more than that.…

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Augmented reality becoming more meaningful, study shows

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Augmented reality beginning to break away from novelty Augmented reality may be a promising and innovative technology, but it has long been confined to the world of gimmickry in terms of mobile applications. Today, the technology is most often used to provide mobile users with various kinds of novelty experiences. As such, augmented reality has found itself in a difficult position, as its practical uses remain largely undiscovered. Nonetheless, consumers are expected to soon be exposed to the practical uses of augmented reality in the near future, according to a…

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Qualcomm seeks to combine augmented reality with cloud computing


The cloud may be the next step in augmented reality technology Qualcomm, a leading maker of chips for wireless devices, is no stranger to augmented reality technology. The company has been a driving force in the developing and implementation of augmented reality for more than a decade. Qualcomm has explored both the existing and potential applications for augmented reality over the years with varying degrees of success and failure. The company has now found a new way to make use of augmented reality that draws upon the ever popular concept…

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Top Gear’s James May to present exhibitions at the Science Museum in London

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Science Museum adopts augmented reality The United Kingdom’s Science Museum in London is welcoming augmented reality with open arms. The museum has teamed with DigiCave, a developer of mobile applications, Qualcomm, an augmented reality developer, and Top Gear’s James May, well known for his love for and knowledge of history. Qualcomm will be leveraging its Vuforia augmented reality platform to construct a series of digital presentations featuring May. These presentations will be a part of nine of the museum’s most valued exhibitions. The experience will be available for iOS and…

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Qualcomm teams with Sesame Workshop to build new augmented reality education program

Qualcomm Headquarters in San Diego

Qualcomm, a leading mobile technology company, has announced that it will be teaming with the Sesame Workshop, a non-profit organization geared toward entertaining and educating children, to create a new education program utilizing augmented reality technology. The pair have chosen augmented reality as a way to reach kids because it allows for dynamic and imaginative experiences. Qualcomm has plans to show off their prototype playset at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. The collaborative project aims to make the educational process more dynamic by allowing children to play with physical…

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