Facebook Oculus Quest is driving virtual reality sales

Facebook Oculus - man using VR Oculus headset

VR is starting to attract people’s attention to a growing degree primarily due to this one gadget. Virtual reality has always had appeal, but the sales haven’t reflected this draw until Facebook Oculus Quest recently started driving things forward. This technology still has a futuristic and science fiction feeling for most average consumers. VR devices have been available to consumers since about 2016. Since then, the numbers have been disappointing at best. That said, new figures are indicating that Facebook Oculus Quest may be sending sales in a new and…

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Virtual and augmented reality market is on the edge of an explosion

Android Pokemon Go augmented reality market

A new report forecasted an annual doubling in spending for AR and VR technology from now through 2021. The International Data Company released a report focused on the future of the virtual and augmented reality market. It predicts that global spending on VR and AR technology will double each year from now through 2021. That prediction is not at all limited to the sale of games and headsets but goes far beyond in the tech’s uses. The virtual and augmented reality market is still exceptionally young but is preparing to…

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Virtual reality roller coasters are increasingly commonplace

virtual reality roller coasters

A growing number of amusement parks, including Six Flags, are adding these digital headset components. This year has started a trend of virtual reality roller coasters in amusement parks. These have popped up in the United States as well as other countries around the world. They are being used to make the thrill even greater than what is possible from twists, loops and drops. VR roller coasters bring in additional digital components such as superheroes, aliens and dragons. Design professor Thomas Wagner from Germany has taken part in the creation…

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