Researchers recreate ancient Pompeii home with virtual reality

Virtual Reality - Pompeii

A team used VR to rebuild the Pompeiian home using Roman design and architecture features. A Lund University research team has used virtual reality to recreate an ancient Pompeiian home for the purposes of better understanding some of the time’s Roman design and architecture features. The department of archaeology and ancient history researchers published in the Antiquity journal. The research team from the Swedish university’s archaeology and ancient history department published a paper detailing their findings using virtual reality, in the Antiquity journal. They employed eye tracking and special analysis…

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Virtual reality games can improve amputation patient rehab

Virtual reality games - Person playing basketball

The technology helps to make the rehabilitation exercises more fun for patients. Rehabilitation centers in certain hospitals and clinics have started using virtual reality games to help amputation patients to enjoy their rehabilitation. The VR experience lets the patients play sports such s soccer, snowboarding and parachuting. The patients using the virtual reality games as a part of their amputation rehabilitation programs follow a program that lasts several weeks. The patients will typically return to the hospital or clinic on a daily basis for around six weeks for their therapy.…

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How To Develop An Immersive Virtual Reality App And Make Money

There’s a few important steps to develop an immersive virtual reality app and start making money. According to recent data, virtual reality technology has spiked in recent years. In fact, there are currently over 55 million active VR users in the United States alone. Of course, this is expected to continue moving at a steady growth rate for the next several years. With demand at an all-time-high, it’s no surprise that many expert app developers are looking to get in on the action. That’s why many programmers, like yourself, are…

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New virtual reality simulation takes you into the US nuclear bunker

Virtual reality simulation - Woman using VR headset

The experience simulates a nuclear attack in which 299 missiles are aimed at the US mainland from Russia. Nuclear Biscuit, a virtual reality simulation, is providing US officials with the opportunity to react to an artificial missile attack to determine what consequences would result from their decisions. The experience lets the VR user experience what a US president would need to do in a nuclear crisis. The Nuclear Biscuit provides a virtual reality simulation in which the VR user is the US president and must react as they would in…

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Facebook faces challenges to its virtual reality remote work goals

Virtual reality remote work - Facebook app

Cost and the nausea-inducing nature of the technology are among the biggest hurdles to the experience. Facebook has been working on the development of tools that could theoretically provide the capacity for a virtual reality remote work experience. That said, this technology has a number of challenges which must be overcome before it will become practical for employees to use to feel that they’re collaborating in the same space, even in a digital ecosystem. These challenges will need to be overcome to convince workplaces to adopt this technology. Overcoming the…

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