Benefits of Using a VPN

The word “VPN” is all the rage in the online world because big companies collect our data and sell it to be used to advertise to us. You must have noticed that when you look up something you soon after get an ad for that item e.g. you might have looked up the best smart ACs and now you keep seeing advertisements for different AC units. Some people even believe that companies spy on us through our smart devices’ mics or cameras since advertisements that show up seem to be…

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Essential Security Software For Protecting Your Confidential Business Data

Data security is the practice of keeping data protected from both unauthorized and corrupted access to keep it safe from threats such as cybercriminals. Though some data may not be particularly confidential, others might contain private information like personal details and financial records, which can cause madany problems for a company should it be leaked by unauthorized access, such as corruption and violation of privacy. There are many types of robust security software packages available on the market today to help make data security that bit easier. Here are the…

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Own a Business but You’re Not a Tech Expert? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Security Stacks

security stacks and how they work

A business’s data and online assets are its most prized possessions, and they’re highly targeted by hackers with various intentions. In an online business environment that’s constantly doubling down on the importance of cybersecurity in all its shapes and forms, many business owners feel overwhelmed. No matter the size of your business, you don’t have to become a cybersecurity expert to protect it. You only need to learn the basics of security stacking so you invest in the right cybersecurity software and can implement the right security protocols. Basics of…

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Security Options for Mobile Devices

security for mobile devices

Going anywhere and being connected is one of the best benefits modern tech has allowed people, but with that privilege comes the need to protect those devices and their data from threats. This is a crucial step to take when you are, whether you are using mobile devices for work or personal reasons. For a business site, it is paramount that they take these measures before letting employees walk out with sensitive data on their hands. Here are some of the threats mobile devices are up against: Unsafe networks, employees…

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How To Keep Your Data Safe Whilst Shopping Online (Updated for 2020!)

Data Safe While Shopping Online

If you’re an avid eCommerce user, who prefers to buy online than going to physical stores, then chances that you’ve encountered banners asking about your data, cookies and more, are pretty high. Did you know that, when browsing a site, you’re completely entitled to keep your personal data for yourself? If you’re tired of receiving marketing emails for which you didn’t sign up, or you don’t want to be targeted with paid social ads anymore, these are some tips for your data safety, when buying online.  Number 1: Only Shop…

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