Launch of Vodafone mobile payments service completed in India

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Vodafone announces the completion of M-Pesa launch in India Vodafone, a leading international telecommunications organization, has announced that the roll out of its M-Pesa mobile payments service has been completed in India. The company has been expanding the availability of its mobile commerce service over the past several months. Vodafone is currently considered quite an influential force in the mobile space and intends to see the use of its M-Pesa service see global adoption in the relatively near future. Mobile commerce in India is highly active India is home to…

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Mobile payments sector in Australia adds another option

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Visa and Vodafone have announced that they are joining together for a new app. At some point in 2013, Australians with Android devices will have a new mobile payments opportunity available to them as a result of a partnership that has been formed between Vida and Vodafone. Vodafone SmartPass, through prepaid services, is already in a trial run among Australian Android users. That mobile payments service is based on a SIM card that is NFC enabled. Vodafone also has intentions to bring a new Windows Phone app into the mix.…

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Mobile payments agreement created between Vodafone and ICICI Bank

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The initial launch will occur in the eastern region of India but it will expand from there. ICICI Bank has just announced that it has joined into a partnership with Vodafone India that will allow customers to use mobile payments to purchase goods and transfer funds. At first, the service will be available in Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Bihar in the east. The mobile payments service will be referred to as “m-pesa” and will allow consumers to create an account with ICICI bank, from which their Mobile Commerce Solutions. This…

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