Virtual reality learning could help disadvantaged youth find employment

Virtual reality learning - Grand Hyatt hotel in Shanghai

A new community-hiring program has been introduced by Hyatt Corp. The global hotel chain has a new community-hiring program called RiseHY, which provides young people, who are seeking career opportunities in the hospitality industry, with a virtual reality learning experience. Hyatt hotels around the world have committed to hiring 10,000 “opportunity youth.” The company plans to hire young people of ages 18 to 24 who are neither in school or working. The goal is to hire 10,000 of these individuals by 2025. The virtual reality learning experience provide by RiseHY…

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Vikings VR app drums up hype for the show’s next season

Vikings VR app Google Cardboard viewer

The popular television series will be starting its fifth season on November 29 and is using virtual reality marketing. A new Vikings VR app was recently launched to provide fans with a unique experience to hold them over until the next season starts. This mobile marketing technique was expanded with participation in events such as the Fan Expo in Toronto, where Vikings branded Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer devices were distributed to attendees for free. The mobile application offers an immersive experience into the show featuring some of the hit’s…

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Augmented reality baseball app shown off by Joe Girardi

portalball augmented reality game app

The manager of the Yankees demonstrated his new mobile game, Portalball. Joe Girardi, the New York Yankee’s manager, typically makes headlines for guiding his team to hold the first place, but recently he was in the spotlight as he showed off his new augmented reality science-fiction baseball game app, called Portalball. This mobile game is available for free for users of iOS and Android based devices and features in-app purchasing. The application was launched mobile app development company Appetizer Mobile. It provides the user with the ability to use the…

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London Eye gets a high-tech upgrade to appeal to tech-savvy tourists

London Eye Pod

The London Eye is a famous landmark in the United Kingdom. It is one of the largest Ferris wheels on the planet and regularly provides tourists with a bird’s eye view of the city below. Visitors to the UK will be able to experience something new when being taken to the top of London in one of the Eye’s pods as each pod will soon be equipped with augmented reality technology. For the next month, the floors of these pods will be fitted with a digital display that shows them…

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Korea united through the use of AR technology

AR App

Korea is home to a turbulent and, at times, brutal history. The division between the North and the South has long fed upon the disdain each side holds for the other. In such a baneful atmosphere, it is difficult to envision a reunified Korea. With augmented reality, however, such a fate can be experience in our lifetime. A new AR app from the Korean Unification Project offers a glimpse of a nation once torn asunder by relentless conflict, drawn together again under the banner of unity. The app comes from…

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