Technological Developments in the Gaming World Over the Past Decade

Technology is quickly evolving, and the gaming sector is not left behind. Gaming has recently changed, leaving a thin line between virtual and reality gaming. Over the years, there has been rapid growth and evolvement, particularly in the gaming industry. Just look at certain stocks, such as Skillz stock, to see how gaming stocks are growing in the particular stock market sector. The gaming industry has developed beyond our imagination with recent developments in modern technology.  We cannot imagine living without smartphones, digital devices, and various high technology gadgets. Recently…

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CES 2016: Virtual gaming practically stole the show

Virtuix Omni virtual gaming

From wearables to full immersive technology suits and even human drones, play time was a massive focus. Though virtual gaming has, until now, essentially been a type of technology that is featured in sci-fi movies, particularly when it comes to travel into the future, however, according to the CES 2016, it’s not only a tech that is already being developed but it is one that isn’t far from the reach of the everyday consumer. The gaming experience is becoming far more immersive with virtual and augmented reality, among other tech.…

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Grid: A real-time augmented reality maze from Sahar Fikouhi

Augmented Reality Video

Augmented reality continues to gain momentum in the gaming world. As the technology has grown more advanced, companies specializing in augmented reality, such as Metaio and Qualcomm, have released tools to help intrepid designers build their own AR experiences. Such is the case with Sahar Fikouhi, a computational designer and architect from London, UK. Fikouhi has developed a new game for the iPhone that plunges players into a world of staggering geometry and tasks them with navigating their way through a virtual maze. The game is called Grid and it…

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