Bodymetrics announces augmented reality fitting room for Consumer Electronics Show

Augmented reality is likely to be a big hit at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Several companies have already announced how they will be showing off the technology at the event. Many are attempting to bring more practicality to the technology, which has been used extensively as a gimmick for marketing campaigns. Bodymetrics, makers of body-mapping technologies, has announced that it too will be showing off its new augmented reality project at the conference. The company has teamed with PrimeSense, an Israeli technology company, to make…

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Pop-up store turns UK historic sites into augmented reality shopping centers

Augmented Reality Virtual Dressing Room

Augmented reality is becoming a very popular tool for retailers in the UK. British department store Debenhams recently launched a new campaign that uses the technology to let shoppers try on clothes. While it is not the first retailer to use augmented reality in such a way, Debenhams certainly put a new twist to their initiative. The retailer created a mobile app for iPhones and iPads that turned some of the UK’s historic monuments into virtual dressing rooms. Five of the UK’s most famed historic sites were inundated with shoppers…

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Macy’s takes a new approach to shopping online with the help of augmented reality

Macy Virtual Dressing Room

When shopping for clothes online, it can be tricky to find the right fit. Retailers do well to show how their clothes fit on models, but this often presents a less-than-accurate representation of the average consumer. Macy’s is taking a new approach to this by adopting augmented reality. Augmented reality has been used by retailers in the past to present consumers with a virtual fitting room, allowing them to try on digital clothing. Macy’s new AR system will help consumers find the best fit for their body and the company…

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Magic mirrors in New York City are more real than they are fantasy

Augmented Reality Mirror

Magic mirrors are showing up in New York City. These are not the kind found in fairy tales, however, though the technology they use may seem like something out of science-fiction. Engineers from the New York Times Company’s research and development lab have built a new mirror that makes extensive use of augmented reality technology. While the mirror is still in the prototype phase, it shows just how far augmented reality has come and could be telling of future products making use of the technology. The mirror makes use of…

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