QR codes used to remember the deceased in Washington

QR Codes on headstones

QR codes have acclimated well into their role as the advertising tool that has come to define mobile marketing. However, few use the codes beyond the purposes of marketing. This lack of diversity fosters the notion that the codes are only good for a single purpose. Like most mobile technologies, the codes are versatile and able to adapt to a number of uses. Recently, QR codes have been appearing in places that few people like to dwell: Graveyards. Quiring Monuments, a company in Seattle, Washington, that offers custom QR codes…

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Visual epitaph brings a new way to honor fallen soldiers

Grave Stone QR Codes

Memorial Day is a time to remember the sacrifices of those who have given their lives in service to the military. In the age of technology, remembering fallen soldiers has taken on a new dimension in the form of QR codes. The TransMedia Group, an independent public relations firm, believes that the codes can tell the story of that soldier’s life, becoming a sort of visual epitaph – or Tagitaph as TransMedia calls them. TransMedia believes that Microsoft Tags can play a role in honoring fallen servicemen and women as…

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