Event in Washington, DC, aims to explore the changing field of mobile payments

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Event will focus on the convergence of Bitcoin, ATMs, and mobile commerce Experts in the financial services industry will flock to Washington, D.C. in September of this year in order to take part in an event aimed at exploring the convergence of Bitcoin, ATMs, and mobile payments. The event will feature some 40 speakers representing groups like the Bitcoin Investment Trust, RoboCoin, MasterCard, and Verifone. Several attorneys and representatives of the federal government will also attend the event, aiming to establish a better understanding of the payments industry. Digital currency…

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American Express puts a new twist on mobile payments

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Mobile payments could change thanks to American Express Mobile payments are becoming more common throughout the world and have garnered the support of technology and financial firms in recent years. The growing popularity of mobile payments is largely due to the proliferation of mobile technology. Higher smartphone and tablet ownership is encouraging consumers to seek out new forms of commerce that are more aligned to their interests. As mobile payments continue to attract more attention, businesses are working to provide more comprehensive services to consumers. Mobile commerce could become less…

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Mobile payments for micro businesses dumped by Verifone

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The CEO of VeriFone has announced a withdrawal from direct-to-micromerchant services. VeriFone took the mobile payments industry off guard when its CEO released the surprising news that it would no longer be pursuing direct-to-micromerchant and would be selling off that part of its business. It explained that its Sail service has been unprofitable and that it would no longer be continued. The mcommerce news was released by Doug Bergeron, the VeriFone company CEO. After a year of heavy promotions of all of the company’s mobile payments services for tablets and…

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Mobile commerce taking off in Australia

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Cabcharge reaches milestone with mobile commerce system Mobile commerce is generating a great deal of hype and, in some sectors, may begin replacing cash transactions. Cabcharge, an Australian company that develops payment technologies for taxis, believes that physical currency will be a thing of the past because of mobile commerce. In 2008, the company signed a deal with VeriFone, an international producer and developer of electronic payment systems. This deal brought 20,000 electronic payment terminals to Australia. Cabcharge has announced that it has reached a significant milestone in the use…

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VeriFone announces release of new PAYMEDIA Universal Acceptance Platform


VeriFone Systems, Inc. has unveiled their new PAYMEDIA Universal Acceptance Platform (UAP), which is designed to offer a full service and software suite which will give mobile network operators (MNOs) the ability to manage the acceptance of mobile wallets at merchant systems. PAYMEDIA UAP was developed to complete the circuit between merchants and mobile wallet providers, so that they have everything that is necessary for providing customers with advanced mobile couponing, promotions, and mobile payment apps. It makes certain that that the transactions from all types of mobile wallet will…

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