University in India adds QR codes to diplomas to reduce fraud

qr codes scan

The quick response codes have been added to stop people from faking their degrees from the school. Though the traditional form of a diploma to represent a university degree includes the name of the student, the school, the graduating year and the course of study but QR codes will now be added to the mix by APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University. The reason is that it gives graduates a way to prove that their diplomas and degrees are real. The diploma to represent the degrees from the university will have…

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QR codes provide jewelers and consumers with more information

Jewelry certification QR codes

The International Gemological Institute is adding the barcodes to their certified pieces. Learning more about the certification or related information that has been verified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) is now as easy for consumers and jewelers as scanning QR codes with their smartphones or other mobile devices. Each certified piece is now assigned its own unique barcode that will provide its individual information. By scanning the QR codes associated with the certified jewelry, the jeweler or consumer is able to access the webpage that provides all of its…

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