Mercedes-Benz claims QR codes can save lives

QR Code scanning mercedes benz cars

QR codes are moving beyond marketing QR codes are most often seen as marketing tools and have served well as such for several years. The codes were initially developed to keep track of inventory, but have evolved to become a very effective information distribution and consumer engagement tool. While QR codes are most common in the field of marketing, they have proven their usefulness in other fields as well and have now captured the attention of Mercedes-Benz. Automaker shows strong interest in QR codes The acclaimed automaker is no stranger…

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QR codes launched for Mack maintenance program

mack truck qr codes

These barcodes will be printed onto the vehicles and linked to the vehicle’s unique VIV. Mack Trucks has announced that it will now be printing QR codes onto their vehicles which are uniquely tied to the VIV of the specific truck, through the use of the MVASIST platform. The barcodes will be used to help to provide a faster response time and to improve the customer uptime. The QR codes will be installed onto the vehicle doorframes as of April. This will occur during the truck’s actual manufacturing process at…

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QR codes used by GM to share Chevy Volt information

Chevrolet QR Codes for Electric car

In response to the need for answers to many questions, the auto manufacturer has gone smartphone friendly. The Chevy Volt, an electric vehicle, has been attracting a growing amount of attention since its release, so in response to the number of questions that consumers have about this new type of plug-in car, GM has created QR codes to help provide more information. The barcodes can be scanned by smartphones to find out more about the vehicles and how they work. The QR codes have been implemented to help GM to…

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