Companies stand to gain from the thriving mobile commerce market

Mobile Commerce augmented reality marketing campain

Companies showing support for mobile commerce are expected to see gains in the coming years Several companies are expected to benefit from the growing prominence of mobile commerce, according to analysis from Pacific Crest. Mobile has long been a thriving channel through which businesses could effectively engage consumers, but as mobile commerce continues to grow, companies that have positioned themselves well in the payments space are likely to find more success. PayPal, Vantiv, Visa, MasterCard and others are gaining significant momentum and may soon see major gains as a result…

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Mobile technology news report reveals common consumer behaviors

Mobile payments trends wallet

A new survey has shown that shoppers are looking to their smartphones for comparisons and payments. According to recent mobile technology news that has come in the form of a report that reveals the results of a Vantiv survey, smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming a mainstream part of the overall shopping experience. In fact, the report showed that they are becoming just as common as credit cards and discount coupons. The survey was conducted by Vantiv, which is a card processor based in the Symmes Township, in Ohio. What…

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