QR Cake and other fun QR code stunts

QR code technology allows the lines between online and offline activities to be blurred… by offering a wealth of information and special deals to reach consumers through their mobile device. Some have come up with clever ways to use the QR code to attract the attention of just about anyone. Fun with QR code cake Cakes are fun. Cakes that require 245 kg of chocolate, 390 kg butter, and 730 kg of cheese along with 750 kg of evaporated milk quite literally add up to tons of fun. Tencent, a…

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QR codes to be central to new mobile payment service

qr codes used in mobile payment systems by banks

Bank of America will be using the barcodes as a part of a test program. The most recent step into the mobile payments wave is Bank of America, as it tests the use of QR codes that will permit customers to use their smartphones in order to complete transactions. This service will be available through iPhones and Android smartphones to make payments. The technology that is being tested by the bank was created by Paydiant, a growing name in the mobile payments industry. The solution that was chosen involves the…

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Mobile marketing lessons from the successes of the USPS

US post office uses qr codes

The use of QR codes and other smartphone friendly techniques has set a good example. The United States Postal Service has been integrating mobile marketing into its direct mail services and the results have been exceptionally positive, providing some solid examples of how smartphones can be properly used by marketers. In 2011, spending on direct mail increased by 2.9 percent over the year before. This took the spending on that channel up to $21 billion last year. Magna Advertising Group has stated that the USPS has managed to keep up…

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Top 100 magazines increased QR code use by 617 percent in 2011

QR Code Statistics

According to a Nellymoser study, the use of QR codes, such as 2D barcodes and Microsoft Tags, skyrocketed by 617 percent between January and December 2011 within the top 100 American magazines. Nellymoser is a mobile technology and marketing company based in Massachusetts and its data indicated that most of the growth of the use of QR codes was driven by advertisers. From the beginning to the end of last year, the number of magazine pages that included these barcodes rose from 3.6 percent to 8.36 percent. This most recent…

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Faulty QR codes could give consumers a bad experience with marketing campaigns

QR Code Marketing

The popularity of QR codes continues to grow at a rapid pace. Tech-savvy consumers have certainly taken notice. While the response to the codes has been largely favorable, these technology conscious consumers are also noticing that many companies are not using the codes as well as they should be. Such is the case with Bill Cosby’s new book I Didn’t Ask To Be Born (But I’m Glad I Was). The book features a QR code on its back cover that some readers have found troublesome. When scanned with a smart…

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Malware starts to make a more prominent place with fake QR codes

QR codes Security

As QR codes start to become more mainstream and are used by a growing number of mobile device users, hackers are starting to take advantage of the popularity of the trend by creating their own fake barcodes that distribute malware when they are scanned. As is the case with all new mobile techniques and technologies, the methods of abusing them are only just starting to be known. Security experts for mobile services do remind users that while the potential is indeed out there, it has yet to become all that…

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Wikipedia launches new QR code project to document daily life in Monmouth, UK

Monmouth Wikipedia

Wikipedia has chosen the Welsh town of Monmouth in the UK for a new project that will make use of QR codes. The project will be named Monmothpedia and aims to document the life of the entire town. Several prominent locations, people and historic artifacts will be linked to a mobile Wikipedia page that can be accessed by scanning QR codes with a smart phone. Residents of the city will also take part in the project, as Wikipedia is tapping the populace for articles about life in the city. Each…

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Mall of America sees success with Black Friday QR campaign, looks toward Christmas for next foray into mobile marketing

Black friday sales mobile commerce optimized

Black Friday has come and gone and the Mall of America in Minnesota welcomed a record breaking number of shoppers at their midnight opening. The mall saw some 15,000 shoppers cross its threshold during the early hours of Black Friday and an additional 81,000 by 10 a.m. When the dust cleared and Black Friday had finally ended, more than 200,000 visitors had come to the mall, breaking the shopping center’s record from last year. To mark the occasion, the mall had instituted a QR code campaign and contest, in which…

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Mall of America announces Black Friday QR code Snap and Win campaign

Mall of America has announced the details of its Snap and Win campaign that will be taking place on Black Friday and that will involve the use of QR codes, which shoppers can scan in the hopes of winning prizes from the various retailers within the mall. The prizes will go out to the first 300 people who scan the code. The purpose of the campaign is to help to boost the awareness of the QR codes among the consumers who use to mall, and to help to drive traffic…

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MMA releases whitepaper to explain the best use of mobile barcodes to marketers

Mobile Commerce Marketing Report

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has announced the publication of a whitepaper entitled “Mobile Barcodes: an Overview for Marketers”, with the intention of assisting marketers in getting the most out of using mobile barcodes for their marketing. The MMA explained that its whitepaper provides an easy to understand clarification of the ways in which marketers can maximize the potential of mobile barcodes in order to provide consumers with direct access to multimedia content, information, promotions, discounts and coupons, shop locations, samples, and a great deal more. Experts in the industry…

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Stoughton Police Department adopts QR codes to stay connected with the public

Downtown stoughton wisconsin

Police officers in Stoughton, Wisconsin, are taking a new approach to staying connected with the public. The Stoughton Police Department (SPD) has begun plastering QR codes on their patrol vehicles. The codes were tentatively used by the police department earlier in the year and seem to have been successful. In the coming months, all SPD vehicles will be adorned with the code in an effort to engage a society that is growing increasingly entangled with smart phones. QR codes are well known, by now, for their ability to connect with…

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