Blackberry mobile apps should be required by Congress, says Chen

blackberry android - bold 9900 mobile apps

The company’s CEO has now sent an open letter to the members, calling for “net neutrality”. The CEO of BlackBerry has issued an open letter to the members of United States Congress, claiming that the developers of mobile apps should be required to ensure that their products are compatible with his company’s devices. John Chen is seeking this move in the name of “net neutrality”. Chen has stated that his effort to encourage the creation of mobile apps that are compatible with BlackBerry devices has to do with “net neutrality”,…

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SOPA and PIPA battle drives onward following blackout protest on Wikipedia website

Wikipedia SOPA 2012 Blackout

The Wikipedia website blackout that occurred on Wednesday to protest SOPA/PIPA drew a tremendous amount of traffic to the website, and informed millions of people about the proposed legislation regarding copyrights and internet content. Throughout the 24 hour self-imposed blackout of the English content on Wikipedia, there were over 162 views of the homepage alone. In excess of 8 million people used that page to look up the contact information of their elected representatives from that page, using a tool that was provided. This brought about a swamping of the…

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