BMW tire QR codes are setting a new standard

4jet tire qr codes

These unique quick response codes provide information about the full life cycle of those products. BMW has decided to take it upon itself to change the way tires are registered by branding each one with unique tire QR codes that will make it possible to trace that product throughout its individual life cycle. The new quick response codes were unveiled in Germany at the REIFEN Show by 4JET Technologies. The tire QR codes solution was created by 4JET Technologies and is called SCANNECT. At the REIFEN Show, they were the…

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QR codes and UPC barcodes help consumers recycle

QR Codes help encourage recycling

A new quick response code based program informs people about local systems for ensuring products don’t end in landfills. A program called Recycle now has implemented a new system that uses different types of barcodes, such as UPC and QR codes, in order to give people the opportunity to scan them and discover more information with regards to the proper disposal of a certain product or package, within their local area. Scanning the quick response code brings about the product’s name, picture, and description. To use the QR codes, the…

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ScanLife report shows that QR codes and UPC barcodes are gaining ground with consumers in the U.S.

Mobile Marketing Statistics

The latest Trend Report from ScanLife, a mobile marketing company, shows that the popularity of QR codes and UPC barcodes is growing in the U.S. These codes have been around for decades but consumers have only recently become aware of their existence. The report shows that 2D barcodes are beating traditional 1D barcodes, such as UPC codes, in popularity. This is due, primarily, to the fact that QR codes are much more dynamic than their counterparts, allowing consumers to gain access to a wealth of digital content by scanning them…

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