QR codes are finding their way into criminal scams

tourist qr codes scanner

Authorities have cautioned the public to watch out for a new form of mobile security fraud using quick response codes. Authorities from countries around the world are cautioning the public to pay attention to the QR codes that they are scanning and downloading when they are in public places, as certain versions can present a mobile security threat. It has been found that criminal gangs in China have been using a bogus quick response codes for devious purposes. A Chinese language newspaper, the United Daily News, has reported that the…

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Aurasma augmented reality can help print media compete in the digital world

Augmented Reality

United Daily News, a media group in Taiwan, has partnered with Aurasma, an augmented reality development firm, to bring their news publications to life. Augmented reality has been targeted by the print industry as a way to breathe new life into print media. The technology allows consumers to interact with print in a way they were never able to do before the advent of smart phones. The United Daily News is using the technology for exactly that purpose, hoping to enthrall a new generation of consumers that have become inseparable…

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