QR codes made with everyday objects could be a big hit with consumers

QR Codes

As QR codes continue to grow in popularity, people are finding new ways to make them. The codes have been made out of various materials in the past, such as chocolate and common household items. These handmade codes often take a great deal of effort, but they have their own brand of appeal to consumers. Conventional QR codes are nothing more than black and white blocky patterns, limiting the visual connection consumers can form. Codes made of familiar objects, such as electronics, have a great deal of character and can…

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Turkish soccer fans use QR codes to insult opposing teams

Soccer Fans QR Code wearable technology

QR codes may have risen to prominence because of their use in marketing, but the codes are famously versatile and are beginning to catch the interest of people all over the world. While consumers have become leery of the codes because of their ability to hide malicious content, they are growing more comfortable with using the codes themselves. This is particularly true in the world of sports, where fans have begun using the codes to sling insults at supporters of opposing teams. In Turkey, soccer fans have been using QR…

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Our hats off to Nina for the first QR Code wedding cake!

QR Code First Wedding Cake

Nina Notaro, pastry chef and owner of Cake Studio in Winnipeg, Canada, has made the world’s first QR code wedding cake. The cake made its debut at the Wonderful Wedding Show held at the Winnipeg Convention Center. The four-tiered wedding cake is a simple box shape, featuring a QR code on every side of the middle tier. The cake is entire edible, made with white fondant and sugar Cattleya Orchids. The code links to the Cake Studio website and provides information on the services and history of the studio. Users…

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