Sushi restaurant in London launches interactive QR code campaign

QR Code Display

London’s first Temaki Sushi restaurant is scheduled to open in March of this year. For now, the store is still under construction, but the owners are taking the opportunity to reach out to consumers early. Construction is being concealed behind a vibrant display upon which QR code fish are waiting to be scanned by tech savvy pedestrians. The restaurant, called Yoobi, has launched a campaign to generate hype for the grand opening next month and has begun encouraging smart phone users to scan the code for deals. Scanning the code will…

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Success of QR codes at New York Fashion Week may inspire designers to use the codes more often

Tiffany's QR Code Cookies

With New York Fashion Week coming to an end earlier this month, many of those attending the event came face to face with QR codes for the first time. The codes left an impression on many and allowed them to connect with some of their favorite fashion designers. Designers attending the event leveraged the codes in an attempt to engage consumers and expose them to an emerging mobile technology that is likely to become more prominent in the future. While many were wary of the codes at first, attendees soon…

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