3 Best Selling UV Wands Compared

best uv wands

Discover the features in these popular products and understand why other consumers prefer them. Just in time for Black Friday and a hot buy 1 get 1 free deal, we’ve created a comparison of 3 best selling UV wands.  Amid the pandemic and as cold and flu season begins, these have become top gift list items. All these best selling UV wands are sold on Amazon with free shipping and the applicable coupon code.  They were all leading products on Prime Day and are already being snatched up as the…

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Using the right UVC light wand to get through a COVID-19 and flu Twin-demic

UVC light wand

Using a powerful and yet safe ultraviolet light device may be a game changer this winter. Before this winter arrives, make sure there’s a UVC light wand on your radar. If things play out as medical experts are warning, it’s time to gear up against the “twin-demic” that could happen when the pandemic stretches out through flu season. Making sure you have a powerful ultraviolet light electronic cleaner will be key. The Mogix UVC light wand is among the top ultraviolet light cleaning tools you’ll get your sanitized hands on…

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