Mhealth services remain untried by 90 percent of U.K. adults

mhealth apps

This, according to the results of a new study that have recently been released. New research conducted by Pintsent Masons – a legal firm – in conjunction with YouGov has now been completed and the results have been released to show that when it comes to mhealth services, a massive 90 percent of adults in the United Kingdom have never even tried them once. This is the case despite the fact that the research took established apps into consideration. The survey determined that before being provided with the definition of…

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Mhealth technology helps to provide care to remote U.K. patients

mobile health clinics program

The National Health Service can reach a larger number of people more effectively through mobile. Healthcare workers from the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom have discovered that offering mhealth tools for in-home care can help to provide better care to patients in remote areas. This mobile news has been released as the NHS is getting used to a new management structure. A number of Trusts from the NHS are now directing their attention to mhealth and other technology resources that will assist them in meeting their newest…

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