Augmented reality glasses could be banned in the UK

Augmented Reality windshields in cars

Google’s augmented reality Glass may be banned in the UK due to safety issues Google Glass, the company’s ambitious augmented reality glasses project, has hit a snag in the United Kingdom. The Department for Transport has targeted Glass as a potential danger to drivers. The government agency may move to ban drivers from using Glass while operating a vehicle. This is because the device can be considered a major distraction to drivers due to its various augmented reality features. Whether Glass will be banned, however, has yet to be determined.…

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Augmented reality allows a T-Rex to leap from printed pages

augmented reality idinosaur

Certainly, the last thing you’d want is a real dinosaur wandering through your living room, but the AR variety is different. Though dinosaurs have been extinct from the Earth for many millions of years, the use of a smartphone or tablet and an augmented reality app can have Tyrannosaurus Rexes leaping out of the page of a printed book. This can help to much more effectively illustrate what is being described on the page. The latest features available in the iDinosaur book, include augmented reality through the use of a…

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Augmented reality showroom dazzles at SEAT

augmented reality SEAT Leon

This groundbreaking new use for the technology is making a splash in the U.K. This week, SEAT has been using a state of the art augmented reality experience within its showroom to help consumers to take a look into what the future may have to hold for them. The mobile marketing campaign uses the cutting edge Blippar application. The Blippar app can be used by way of an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone and implements the very latest in augmented reality technology in order to help consumers to see…

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iConcerts teams with the 3DD Group to make augmented reality a part of TV

Augmented Reality concerts

Augmented reality industry thrives in entertainment market…   iConcerts, a cross-media entertainment network specializing in live music, has partnered with the United Kingdom’s 3DD Group, one of the country’s leading entertainment firms. Together, the firms will work to establish a new standard of entertainment by combining recorded television, live music performances and social media. This will be done through the use of augmented reality, a technology that iConcerts has some experience with. Both groups believe that the successful incorporation of augmented reality will mean big gains in consumer appreciation and…

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UK’s Kendal College adopts augmented reality to help grab the attention of prospective students

QR Code Scanning

Beginning a college education can be a daunting task even for the well prepared. One of the most challenging tasks facing impending collegiate is finding a school that is best for their educational needs. In an effort to win favor with students, colleges often create guidebooks that showcase the various features and offerings of a particular school. Such guidebooks have, in the past, been instrumental in procuring new students. As technology advances, however, the need to engage the next generation of tech-savvy students is becoming more pronounced. The United Kingdom’s…

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