Creative Mood Tracking 2D Code Campaign

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, people are always on the lookout for new, innovative ways to implement advances in the field. QR codes, though already decades old, are garnering acclaim for their ability to foster an interactive experience between businesses and consumers. Retailers have begun using the codes to measure consumer participation and reception to their various campaigns. As the popularity of smart phones rises, so too does that of the codes. Best Buy is among many retailers that are utilizing QR codes. Unlike other companies, however,…

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QuickMark’s new 2d app for Mac

Screenshot of QuickMark App at Mac Store

The new QuickMark now allows two-dimensional tags for the Mac OS X that can be bought for only $2.99 at the Mac App Store. The 2D tag enables the Mac to easily decipher URLs, location coordinates, address cards and plain texts. For the recently released QuickMark, it has a Quick Code format and is able to read both QR Code and Data Matrix, which are the standard 2D codes. Recently, the use of 2D codes has become very popular. They can now be found not only in the Internet but…

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United States is warming up to QR Codes: Usage on a huge up tick

Japan is known for being the king and birthplace of the QR code usage but U.S. companies are increasing product awareness with huge market campaigns that have awakened a hunger for more. The marketing possibilities of this two dimensional code are now being used in movie trailers, as seen with Disney’s campaign to promote Tron, all the way to nonprofit organizations in an attempt to increase donations.  In a report from Scanlife, an industry leader in mobile code readers, U.S. citizens scanning has doubled during the holiday season from the…

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