Twitter’s mobile apps are testing a breaking news tab

Facebook and Twitter applications mobile apps

The social network is now trying out a new kind of option that may soon appear in its application. Twitter has now suggested that it will be stepping into the news environment with its mobile apps and in order to find its place in that ecosystem, it is trying out a breaking news content tab. This was first reported by BuzzFeed, but it was also later officially confirmed by Twitter, itself. The news tab will be appearing in the Android and iOS mobile apps. So far, screenshots have been displayed…

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Social media marketing battle breaks out between Martha Stewart and Apple

martha stewart social media marketing

After making a few comments about breaking her iPad screen the domestic diva brought on the wrath of the tech giant. At the end of last week, a social media marketing battle broke out over Twitter between Apple and Martha Stewart, when the woman’s iPad was dropped and the screen was cracked. Stewart posted a few snide comments about how the repair service should function, incensing Apple corporate. The story began when Martha Stewart had her iPad fall out of her car, causing the screen to crack at the area…

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