Twitter subscription options drawing attention as ad revenue takes a dive

Twitter subscription - Twitter sign up on tablet

The social media company said it is exploring new arenas for bringing in user money. A Twitter subscription option is among the various strategies the company is exploring to try to make money from its users. This is not the only model being considered, but is certainly one of them, said CEO Jack Dorsey. The move has occurred as the platform has experienced a substantial drop in its core ad business. “You will likely see some tests this year,” Dorsey said, referring to a number of different approaches while speaking…

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CEOs dive into social media marketing brawl over Super Bowl ads

social media marketing fight battle twitter

The chief execs of T-Mobile and Sprint entered into a public battle of tweets over their respective commercials. During the Super Bowl, the CEOs of both T-Mobile and Sprint openly and publicly brawled with each other in a social media marketing battle that raged on over their respective television commercials. The first shot was made by the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, with a tweet following Sprint’s ad. Legere was quick to tweet “Half-assed commercial, half-assed data speeds. #typical @sprint. #SprintLikeHell.” At the time, he was using social media marketing…

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Social media marketing at Twitter expands further

Twitter QR codes outage Mobile social media marketing mobile ads

The network’s mobile advertising is continuing to grow through a new deal that it has made. The media services division from Omnicom Group Inc. has recently entered into a comprehensive new social media marketing agreement with Twitter, the massive (and growing) network that is rapidly becoming a very important player in the smartphone ad environment. This agreement is designed to expand the reach of both companies in terms of their mobile ads. The social media marketing deal is worth an estimated $230 million between Twitter and Omnicom. This figure and…

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