Twitter takeover to go forward after all, suggests Elon Musk

Twitter takeover - Twitter Logo

As the social media platform’s court date against the Tesla CEO approaches, he’s changed tacks. Technology news reports are showing that billionaire Elon Musk has changed his mind about backing out on his Twitter takeover and now intends to go ahead with it. The social media company’s shares spiked by 12.7 percent on the news of Musk’s decision. When Musk made an offer to purchase the San Francisco-based company for $54.20 per share, share prices immediately took off by nearly 13 percent, reaching $47.95 before the trading was stopped. Elon…

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Social media marketing startup purchased by Twitter

Twitter QR codes outage Mobile social media marketing mobile ads

Namo Media has now been acquired by the microblog giant to help to enhance the advertising business. Twitter has just acquired Namo Media, a native ads startup, to help to enhance its social media marketing offerings as it boosts its level of competition with Google and Facebook in order to bring in a larger level of mobile advertising revenues. Shares for the social network shot upward by 3 percent following the announcement of the purchase. In fact, they rose by 99 cents in order to reach $33.89. Clearly the overall…

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