Are QR codes on boarding passes a personal data security risk?

mobile wallet qr codes boarding pass

Recent reports have been indicating that hackers could gain a great deal of information through these quick response codes. Many travelers have been enjoying the ease and efficiency associated with the use of QR codes that are either printed on boarding passes or that are displayed on smartphone or tablet screens in order to use those devices as digital versions of the passes. However, reports are starting to show that they might not provide the level of security that people believe. The issue isn’t in the use of the QR…

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Japan Airlines adopts NFC-enabled boarding passes to better serve consumers

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines has announced that it will be launching a new NFC-based service that will help consumers board planes faster. The airline has partnered with mobile operations company KDDI in order to create NFC-enabled boarding passes. Japan Airlines is not the first to adopt this type of boarding pass. Last year, Scandinavian Airlines began experimenting with similar boarding passes they called Smart Pass. Now, the Japanese company is looking to expound on this idea and make it popular with travelers. The Smart Passes will be able to track travelers wherever…

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Predictions for the leading trends for travel this year

M-commerce growth

Orbitz has announced that mobile commerce, travel as a gift, and flash sales will be the top three trends for travel this year. Reporting that not only will American mobile commerce almost double itself this year, but it will also become an integral part of the travel experience. There was also an increase of almost 350 percent of flash sale sites between July 2009 and that same month in 2011. The growth in popularity of those sites has shown no sign of slowing down. The travel company went on to underline…

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Survey for travelers shows that a strategy must be multi-device and cross-channel mobile

Mobile Security at work

The results of a recently conducted survey about the travel habits of mobile users have revealed that the planning of leisure trips often includes the widespread use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. People who use travel websites as well as apps that are dedicated to travel purposes are using their mobile devices in order to obtain information and to access services. The demand from users of these mobile devices offers travel service providers a notable opportunity to increase their online commerce. That said, in order to…

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Finding new ways to interact with art

The Museum of Photographic Arts in California is changing the way visitors experience exhibits. As technology continues to evolve, artists are finding new ways to display their talent. To keep up with changing times, the museum will be making changes to how art is presented and will begin using QR codes to achieve this goal. Museum director, Deborah Klochko, likens this use of new technology to the time when photographic processes were first introduced back in 1839. “There was an excitement about the importance of what photography could provide,” says…

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