Olympics accommodations QR codes offer visitors convenient tourism information


The quick response codes have been installed in hotels and lodgings close to PyeongChang. The city of Gangneung, which is located close to PyeongChang, where the 2018 Winter Olympics will begin in February, has added Olympics accommodations QR codes to help tourists. The quick response code installations are being added to the accommodations where tourists will be staying when they attend the games next month. The QR codes have been posted in hotels and other lodgings so tourists can scan and obtain information. The Olympics accommodations QR codes can be…

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Bidar tourists to use QR codes to discover local history

QR Codes check in

The hilltop Indian city will be launching a considerable quick response code installation to promote tourism. The district administration of Bidar, India, has decided to use QR codes in addition to a range of other technology based tools in order to help to promote tourism within the area, said the district’s deputy commissioner, P.C. Jaffer. Jaffer spoke on the subject of the quick response codes after their inauguration ceremony in front of the Bidar Fort. The QR codes have been linked to relevant Wikipedia pages so that when smartphone using…

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QR codes provide travelers with fascinating information in Rinchnach, Germany

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The quick response codes are placed on pillars, the first of which is located in the garden of the Rinchnach Monastery. A new project using QR codes has now been launched in the municipality of Rinchnach, in Germany, in order to be able to more effectively provide tourists with information about the local culture and treasures. The project launched last Thursday and allows QR barcodes to be scanned to gain fascinating local information. The QR codes, themselves, are posted on granite pillars, upon which the barcodes are posted behind glass…

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QR codes for tourists will be installed in Sao Paulo, Brazil

tourism qr codes

These quick response codes will be posted on signs and will provide information in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. A recent announcement from São Paulo Turismo in Brazil has revealed that new tourist signs will be installed for pedestrians in the city’s downtown area, featuring QR codes that will help people to locate local attractions and obtain the directions that they require to their intended destinations. These quick response codes will also provide additional information and facts about each location. The QR codes on the signs are being installed in time…

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QR codes teach visitors more about Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

pelican island QR codes

Informational signs featuring quick response codes have been erected in partnership with the Pelican Island Audubon Society. Smartphone users visiting Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge will now be able to scan QR codes on signage in order to learn more about the various areas and types of wildlife within the refuge. Scanning the quick response codes provides access to video, photos, and descriptions. These QR codes and the information available through their scans has been provided in partnership with the Pelican Island Audubon Society. The island is one of that…

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QR codes in Wales help visitors with place name pronunciation

tourism qr codes

These quick response codes also allow smartphone users to figure out how to say phrases and words in Welsh. Visitors to Wales have always loved to see the stunning sites and locations throughout the region, but have traditionally struggled with pronunciations – that is, until they had new QR codes to scan and guide them in the right direction. This very simple to use mobile device technology makes visitors a scan away from knowing how to say site names. A new tourism program has been implemented in Wales that uses…

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QR codes used for active learning travel workbook in South Korea

QR codes learning

Breeze & Bridge has announced the creation of a new smartphone and tablet friendly education experience. Breeze & Bridge Co. Ltd. has just announced the upcoming launch of its active learning travel workbook in South Korea that uses QR codes to enhance the educational experience that will become available this week. The release of this latest workbook follows three months after another success with the barcodes. The new product edition will become available on August 23, three months after the first launch of their QR’s Jolly – Gyeongju, which successfully…

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QR codes in Seoul sidewalks and subways provide visitor assistance

South Korea qr codes

These South Korean quick response barcodes provide help such as a handy guide to the commuter trains. The city of Seoul, South Korea is using mobile technology in the form of QR codes in order to make itself more friendly to tourists, who can now use their smartphones and tablets to obtain visitor information such as the most recent subway guide. These barcodes were already being added to the now hyper famous neighborhood of Gangnam. The QR codes from the neighborhood made globally recognizable by PSY’s tremendously famous song are…

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QR codes popular on Southern Tasmanian fruit farm

QR code fruit farm

Visitors to the grower’s location can use their smartphones to spot the ripest and sweetest produce. Sorell Fruit Farm, located in Southern Tasmania, has added a unique new mobile twist to its farm tourism through the use of QR codes that are located among all of the rows. Each row of fruit boasts a quick response barcode that can be scanned by visitors with smartphones. The idea came from the farm’s Bob Hardy. It allows visitors with a scanner application on their smartphones to scan the QR codes to obtain…

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QR codes used to help visitors to explore the architecture of Tampa

QR codes used for self guided tours

Tourists and locals can explore the city with more information available to them. On October 5, AIA Tampa Bay is hosting a walking tour led by architects, that highlights the unique architecture in the city, through the use of QR codes to provide information. The tour will run from noon to 1pm and will point out five to six of the top buildings in the city. The tour will begin at Lykes Gaslight Square Park, which is located in the downtown area of the city. It will focus on the…

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QR codes help tourists to learn as they visit Gibraltar

St. Michael's Cave now using QR codes to help educate tourists

Links to Wikipedia to help keep visitors informed about what they see. Gibraltar’s tourism has recognized the fact that many of its visitors are now armed with smartphones and tablets, and that QR codes can help to provide them with a great deal of information about what they’re seeing when they visit. St. Michael’s Cave, one of the top attractions in the city, now boasts a mobile barcode to scan. Monmouth, a U.K. town, has paved the way for Gibraltar’s tourism strategy, which allows visitors to scan QR codes in…

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